Reconciliation through classical music collaboration

Back row- Dr Julie Collins, Dr Lorina Barker, Phillipa Trelford, Prof Mike Wilmore, Uncle Rick Elwood, Wiradjuri Soprano Georgina Hall, Aunty Rebecca McKellar, Dr Paul Smith, Rick McKellar junior, Aunty Louise Elwood (seated); Front row- Dr Alana Blackburn, James McKay , Robert Jackson, Eliza Scott.

“A collaborative composition project at UNE is bringing emotive musical meaning to UNE’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). A musical composition commissioned by the Vice Chancellor of UNE has been underway since late 2020, and the composition was recently played and recorded for the first time.

This project has been a collaboration between Dr Lorina Barker, Dr Paul Smith, Aboriginal Elders, Wiradjuri soprano Georgina Hall and local Armidale musicians… “

Read the full post here

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