Stories are being felt and will be shared by Country

Baiame Ngunnhu (Songlines mapping trip, June2021)

These are hard times. Stories of this time are being felt and will be shared by Country.

Taragara projects and research are led by Elders and Community – many in western NSW currently being ravaged by COVID.

Our projects follow Songlines, and we connect to Country through kinship – family.

While we have been finding new ways to stay connected Online and OnCountry, COVID and the limitations of technology in western NSW, are making it tough.

And there has been Sorry Business. There is Sorry Business.

Some of the Taragara team are mourning.

We are yarning online when and where we can. Elders are weaving and yarning in their own homes.

We cannot physically follow the Songlines at the moment. We are still, but we are still connected to each other and Country


Taragara is thankful for the support of partners including the Australian Research Council, AIATSIS, Heritage NSW, Western Local Land Services, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, Oxfam, Create NSW, University of New England, AU and Maranguka.

We are very grateful for the support of Elders and Community.

Looking forward to taking the next steps alongside them and Typecast Entertainment when we can again. Stay safe everyone.

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