The Team

The team is led by Dr Lorina Barker. Lorina is a descendant of the Wangkumara and Muruwari people (northwest NSW), Adnyamathanha (Flinders Ranges SA), Kooma and Kunja (southwest QLD), and Kurnu-Baarkandji (northwest NSW). Lorina is an oral historian / filmmaker / artist who uses multimedia for community art-based projects to transfer knowledge, history, stories and culture to next generations, in familiar mediums including visual art, digital media, short stories and poetry.


Taragara researchers include:

  • Michael Brogan
  • Dr Eliza Kent


Taragara works in partnership with filmmakers and other artists.

Typecast Entertainment will create and produce a documentary film as part of the Songlines of Country project.


Taragara works in partnership with artists.

Artist in residence: Erin Brown

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