Michael Brogan, Badtjala/WakkaWakka

“Recent works on paper have become the extension of an ongoing dialogue I have orchestrated between myself and an invisible art audience or general public who might just walk in off the street into the gallery. However, my concerns with both the medium and the subject matter are focused on the here, now and immediate future.

Though, the concepts and ideas surrounding my artwork are a stark contrast to responses, encounters and engagement with other artists in between exhibitions and group shows over the last 10 years.

This particular body of work is in transition… a body of work in progress that has been fast tracked on account of a number of factors beyond my control. Most people familiar with my work will recognise that the Mock Turtle series is about returning to the nature of things and moving away from the incessant head stuff that has occupied my time working in academia over the last 20 years.”

For more information or to purchase his work, get in touch with Michael Brogan

Email: michael@taragara.org

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