Taragara, in the Wangkumara means the black cormorant (black Shag).

Taragara Aboriginal Corporation (ICN 9343) is an Aboriginal culturally owned and led enterprise, which works with remote Aboriginal communities across arts, research and culture, to create platforms for cultural exchange and a marketplace that will benefit remote communities.

For many years Dr Lorina Barker has been guided by Elders and worked in close partnership with Community to create and manage arts projects, develop research methodologies, and define best practice for working with Aboriginal communities. Taragara grew through these partnerships.

Taragara Aboriginal Corporation was registered in 2020.

Taragara Aboriginal Corporation Documents and Information

  • Documents for Taragara Aboriginal Corporation, including its Rule Book, are available online at https://www.oric.gov.au/
  • The Rule Book includes Taragara’s:
  • If you would like to become a member please CONTACT US!

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